Your Name is a visual masterpiece

Before anything else, happy May break!

I have never been that much of an anime person myself, but many of my friends seems to be, and that’s how I got the news that the famous anime movie Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) is set for a theatrical rerun in China soon. I have never watched Your Name before and only had a vague idea of what the movie is about, yet I decided to spend my whole night watching it (English subs) because of the strong praise that my friends gave the movie.

Overall, Your Name is definitely great, but not as great as what I thought it would be. Its visual, music, and sound effects are breathtaking, but there’s definitely something lacking in the story that didn’t quite leave a lasting, deep impression on me.

Meteor Scene in Your Name

The Visuals. I want to start off by reiterating that Your Name is still incredible despite its flaws. Similar to The Wandering Earth, it’s very much worth watching just for the stunning visuals. Each and every scene in the movie is so meticulously crafted that it’s impossible not to pause the video and lose yourself in all the details. The meteor scene is definitely the most astonishing, with the dazzling colors spliting through the sky. Almost feels as if I am dissociating, as if I myself is inside the anime story, working through it on my own. The visuals blur the boundary between the real and the imaginary. Absolutely incredible.

The attention to details is also marvelous. For example, the first time that Mitsuha switches her body with Taka, Tokyo is always lit in warm light, showing how excited Mitsuha is to see Tokyo for the first time. It’s in the details that this movie truly excels in.

The Music. Alongside visuals, this is probably the strongest point of the movie. Throughout the movie, music are added in the right style and at the right time, really enhancing the message and the emotion that the movie tries to convey. The music renders youthful spirits and sensations in an unbelievably beautiful way. If anything, the movie can be watched for the music and the visuals alone.

The use of sound effects are also incredible in the movie. There are thoroughly shocking huge “bam” sounds in places where the tension is at its peak, sounds of small details such as the chirping of birds, etc. In the part with the highest tension, where it was revealed that the town of Itomori has already been destroyed long ago, the masterful use of sound effects made me get goosebumps. Absolutely incredible!

The Plot. Now we get to the part that I believe the movie is lacking on: the plot. The plot is very simple. In summary, it’s basically two high school students, one girl, one boy, swapping bodies with each other and travelling through time for the boy to save the girl from a meteor strike by committing a minor act of terrorism, and falling in love in the process. The problem lies in that other than giving me brief emotional impulses (especially with the add-on of the incredible music and visuals), the story didn’t really leave me with anything to ponder about after I finish the movie. I know that the movie appeals to many of my classmates in that it’s a romantic story, but I don’t really see the merits of pure romantic emotions without any depth.

Overall, despite the flaws of its plot, I’d still recommend watching Your Name solely for its miraculous visuals and music design. It’s a 7 out of 10 for me. (May 3, 2024)